Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to make an Airplane Cake

My little man recently turned four. (That post is long overdue.) Anyway, I made this airplane cake and received some questions about it. And since I took some pictures as I made it, I'll see if what I did makes any sense to anyone else.

How to make an airplane cake
Bake 2 round 8 or 9 inch cakes. One cake mix box worth. Cut one cake in half.
How to make an airplane cake

Put those halves together with icing.
(Use homemade icing if you want to please your picky hubby.)
How to make an airplane cake
Slice the other cake to make the rest of the pieces. I actually made one more cut that I didn't take a picture of (image a little off the middle piece). Hopefully the pieced together cake will make sense.
How to make an airplane cake
Use more icing to glue and assemble all the pieces.

How to make an airplane cake
Cover the whole think in blue icing. Pipe white "clouds" along the base.
Use more white for the windows
How to make an airplane cake
I then piped green to outline and spell out "AJ" and "4!". However, personally, I thought it looked better before I added the green. Oh well.
How to make an airplane cake

Ta Da! An Airplane cake to please a preschooler.


Anonymous said...

I was searching for airplane cake idea for my son's second BDay. Love your idea, will try that!

Coco said...

Very cute cake!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this pattern! I just finished assembling my son's 2nd b-day cake and it looks AWSOME. He's going to be soooo excited tomorrow at his party :) Mine is brown (UPS plane?) because I wanted to make chocolate icing, and I used my banana bread recipe for the cake, so it turned out quite dense and solid for manipulating the pieces. I added a propeller (2 popsicle sticks) on the front and it looks great. I wish I could post a picture :)
Thanks again.

Kelli said...

Oh how I would love to see your picture! Love the idea of banana bread/chocolate icing with propeller! Great idea.

lia said...

thanks so much for this pattern ! Love it ! .. it will be my baby 2nd birthday cake .. really thanks

Lindsay said...

I made this cake for my son's 2nd birthday on Saturday...it was super easy...I ended up making a chocolate cake with peanut butter cream cheese icing (I thought the cream cheese icing would spread well and the color brown worked great for the plane)...I also used marshmallows for the clouds along the bottom and for the windows (just pinched them into a square with my fingers, worked great!)...I did not add any other embellishments...just kept it real simple, I was very pleased!!

Crystal Millholland said...

I LOVED this idea and put it to work. It turned out better than I had imagined! Thanks so much from a very happy Mother who loves her 3 year old as much as he LOVES JETS! Thanks again! How can I post a picture??? I used chocolate cake with brown, green, and white icing. Marshmallows around the bottom (for clouds) and Hershey kisses as windows. He was beside himself and that's all I needed!

Kelli said...

Crystal! I am so glad you tried the cake and it worked out for you! I'd love to see a picture! You can send to gramber.ly@gmail.com. Glad your son loved it!

Alex Bandit said...

Pretty interesting post! Thanks it was interesting bdrooms

Shiitake said...

Thanks for this tutorial. I made this cake for my little boy and your instructions & pictures were perfect. Here's a link to my blog with pictures =)

Suz said...

Thank goodness for Google and finding your awesome plane with easy instructions! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
P.S. What an awesome blog! Your family is gorgeous and I'll be coming back for the book reviews! :D

Anonymous said...

This is a great tutorial for an airplane cake! And it translates so well for Disney's Planes which I'm sure is going to be requested by many little boys in the years to come.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a simple to build cake that will bring great results. I was thinking of making it for a party! How much buttercream did you need for the whole process ( "gluing" , and decorating). Also love the idea of putting a propeller on.

SMStefania said...

Thank you SO MUCH!!! My almost 3 years old son asked for an airplane cake for his birthday, and you solved all my problems! Great tutorial!

Janelle said...

Going to make these for my husband's Remote Control Airplane Flight Club Family Day - which happens to be on Father's Day. I think my boys (my 3yr old, and my husband) and the guys at the club will enjoy it. Thanks for the inspiration - found through Pinterest.

Tracey Chambers said...

Today is my husband's 26th birthday and I'm going to use this for his cake today! This morning we launched model rockets and saw a crop duster land and takeep off. This afternoon we are going to fly radio controlled planes. Then we are going to easy dinner and the cake with his grandparents so it's going to be a busy day!

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